e d i t i o n s

"there are no solids. there are no things. there are only interfering and non-interfering patterns." (r buckminster fuller)
a place is really a situation. a constantly changing scenario / constellation of frequencies, waves, radiation, particles in time.
this radiation, these waves etc pass through me. to some of these things, I am completely transparent, others touch me. this is the basis of experience.
a field recording renders a situation as sound waves. when you listen to a field recording, you can experience a rendering of a situation as "only interfering and non-interfering patterns" of sound waves.
when I am present at a place, the situation is channeled through my presence, in real-time: I am attending, I am sensing. I respond to the wave patterns I am sensing.
the pieces presented here are waveforms, made in responsiveness to waves.
in the studio, I added composed sounds to the sounds of the field recordings. these composed sounds, together with the field recordings, convey a feeling that is expressive of the experience of having been present in each of the situations rendered. dw, november 2013

p l a c e a n d p r e s e n c e

audio cd-r edition of 50

sleeved in an inkjet print

no longer for sale

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